About ThermAlCast

A line of distinctive cast aluminum cookware that clearly redefines the category by providing innovative solutions in a space where innovation is rare.

Clipper has re-set the pricing bar for the cast aluminum category. Superb cast quality once reserved for high-end gourmands is now available to cooks of all ilk.

The ThermAlCast Product Line

Cast aluminum allows our engineering team to be more innovative and design more durable products. Metal is directed where it needs to go - namely, rims and bases - up to 6 mm thick in places which offers exceptional thermal transfer properties and allows for “rivetless” construction.

ThermAlCast Features:

  • Esthetic designs “cast” into the base of the pan
  • Induction-ready cast aluminum
  • High efficiency bases built into the cookware that reduce cooking times up to 30%

Estetico Series I

Great cookware starts with the base, where the heat meets the vessel. The Estetico Series offers disruptively attractive designs on the base that also serve to fortify and enhance durability.

Estetico Series II

The second design in our Estetico Series, Estetico II offers stylized flared handles with removable silicon grips.

Veloce Series

A true engineering feat, the Veloce series incorporates a heat-fin design into the base of the cookware that actually allows the vessel to boil water up to 30% faster. Saves time, energy and money. Also available in additional configurations such as Casseroles and Sauce Pans.

Inductiva Series

All the great properties of cast aluminum, now available in an induction compatible mode. Induction is a great method for consistent results with low energy consumption. The Inductiva Series also works on all other heat sources.