Clipper Uniforms & Cookware in the Kitchen

Innovative Ideas and Creative Products for the
Food Service Industry

Clipper knows the Food Service Industry. We understand the ways that trends, market forces, and consumer desires affect your business every day. We provide intelligent solutions to help you continue to succeed in this ever-changing environment.

Our founder, Lina Hu, pioneered by providing our customers with the most innovative, highest quality products at the lowest possible prices, factors our customers rely on. We have more than 19 years of experience with the world's most successful companies – a legacy that continues to benefit our customers every day.

Working together with you, Clipper uncovers the areas that hold the greatest potential for you. Using proprietary analytic and strategic techniques, we then go further to reveal opportunities for new products your company can exploit.

If Lina taught us anything, it's the need to keep making history. Our offering is a menu, not a rigid process. Different companies start at different points, depending on their needs. Where does your business need to grow?