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    ThermAlCast Velocé Series Consumer Packaging

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    ThermAlCast Velocé Series Product Line

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    ThermAlCast Estetico II Product Line

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    ThermAlCast Inductiva Product Line

If You Can Dream It, We Can Create It

Although we made our name by providing superior uniform and food service products, our years of experience have allowed us to provide products and sourcing solutions within a wide variety of industries and markets. From medical devices to cleaning equipment, we can provide what you need.

Once you've pinpointed the areas you need help in, we build a detailed plan to capture it. The job of new product creation belongs to our entire organization, not just the design department. To truly unite our entire enterprise around this goal requires a unique, powerful, and relevant promise, and a plan for delivering it consistently.

At Clipper, doing this is not an art. Neither is it a science. It's the strategic combination of the two – creativity and intelligence in new product creation.