Clipper Global Solutions

Delivering What We Promise

Clipper's services drive your revenue up and your costs down. From design to distribution and everything in between, our passionate employees provide innovative solutions that enable your business to thrive.

Your customers demand innovation, responsiveness, high quality and competitive pricing. Our expertise is helping you meet those demands while allowing you to continue to operate efficiently and profitably.

Using our "virtual product development" methods, Clipper has succeeded in significantly reducing product development time. From 3D Design to Rapid Prototyping, our capabilities enable us to design better products, faster.

With Clipper, you’ll always know that whenever you place an order, your product will look the same and perform the same as it always has.

In your business, customers want to work with people who care and to receive what they order on-time. Throughout our entire process, we will show you how much Clipper cares!!

We make a promise. We keep it. It's that simple.