Burger King Success Story

Burger King

Clipper worked with Burger King in early 2020 to help them with the pandemic. They needed 8,000,000 face masks and they needed them in 2 weeks.

Clipper was able to work with our overseas partners and provide exactly what they needed within their time frame. Due to these efforts, Clipper was selected as their Supplier of the Year in 2020.

Subway Success Story


Subway contacted Clipper for help. They needed 200,000 shirts for a promotion, and they needed them in 8 weeks. Clipper worked with their Marketing team to design, produce and deliver on time.

Lina Hu, Clipper’s Founder & CEO, was personally involved in the process and even modeled the jerseys for the team.

Darden Success Story


Clipper was recently able to develop a low cost, branded disposable spatula for one of the largest concepts within the Darden group of restaurants.

This item is part of an ongoing national marketing campaign and Clipper is happy to be able to supply Darden with over a million units annually to be used in homes across the country.

Denny's Success Story


In December of 2011, Denny’s Restaurants customer loyalty was honored with an award celebrating the 10th Panniversary, marking the ten years since the restaurant chain first started using Clipper cookware in their kitchens and commemorating the over 100 million Grand Slam breakfasts created on the original pan design.

The 2011 Customer Appreciation Award was presented to Denny’s Restaurants by Clipper Corporation, a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of foodservice supplies and apparel. “The Denny’s Restaurant commitment to quality extends to every corner of the company and its restaurants, right down to the cookware,” said Ric Quinn Clipper Corporation’s Director of Sales, East.

Denny’s purchased the first Clipper pan on December 1, 2001, and since has evolved the relationship into over 60 items, from back of the house steam table pans, flatware, serving trays, burger presses, pizza cutters, sugar caddies and oven mitts. Clipper’s apparel division even designed a shirt for Denny’s famous All-Nighter program in 2009 that was used in the national commercials and won Clipper a Univator Award for program design and implementation.

Burger King Success Story

Burger King

Recently Lina Hu, Clipper Corporation's Chairman/CEO was included in Burger King Corporation's most recent Print Ad Campaign “Real People, Real Success.”

Lina Hu Burger King Ad

This campaign focuses on, and includes, successful Burger King employees, franchisees, and suppliers. Ms. Hu was very proud and honored to be a part of this campaign as one of Burger King's top vendors and has praised Burger King for their “culture of inclusion and respect for diversity.”

Taco Bell Success Story

Taco Bell

Taco Bell was looking for a solution to help them save money on cheese and looked to Clipper to provide a solution.

Their goal was to have each of their 5,600 restaurants use the exact amount of cheese necessary to provide a consistent product to their customers, while avoiding waste and saving money.

Clipper worked with Taco Bell's engineers to create the “3 Cheese Scoop.” Developed in Taco Bell purple and with exacting specifications, it helped Taco Bell employees provide high quality products system-wide.