Clipper Corporation Receives Award for Top Minority Supplier

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to introduce to your acquaintance the Clipper Corporation.

The Clipper Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of supplies and uniforms. The Home Depot has selected Clipper to be a provider of one of the most iconic items that we source -- Our Aprons.

At The Home Depot, the Apron is symbolic of our rich heritage in the Home Improvement industry and it represents the "Can Do" attitude embodied by every associate. The bid for Aprons is traditionally highly scrutinized and extremely competitive. Only the most capable firms are invited to bid and only the best of the best win our business. We are delighted that Clipper Corporation is our provider for this item.

While The Home Depot has selected Clipper as a supplier for Aprons, they also provide standards and customized plastic, metal and tabletop kitchenware products.

Clipper now employs individuals in its Los Angeles headquarters and factories in China. They pride themselves on finding solutions for every challenge, working closely with clients to determine their specific needs and then custom-designing products to suit them.

I am confident that as you gain a greater understanding of their capabilities, you will find, as we did, that Clipper is an exceptionally talented and dedicated firm that will deliver results.


Kevin Smith
Sr. Director - Procurement Department