Company Clothing UK Sizes Up Clipper's Uniform Study

A US survey about food service uniforms has found that cleanliness is the most important quality for customers of quick-service restaurants.

The study was commissioned for Clipper Corporation, a global designer, manufacturer and distributor of supplies and uniforms to companies such as Burger King Corporation, The Home Depot, Denny’s Restaurants, Target, and Olive Garden. The company’s CEO and founder Lina Hu said the survey shows that stain resistant and easy care uniforms have benefits for companies that go beyond reinforcing their brands.

Decision Research, which carried out the survey,spoke to both consumers and restaurant staff. On the consumer side the largest number of respondents,approximately 33 percent of men and 26 percent of women, said cleanliness is the most important factor.The results placed the cleanliness of uniforms ahead off factors such as fit, style, color, and even the age appropriateness of the design.

Among quick-service restaurant staff asked to rate the factors they deem important in their uniforms, easy care/looks clean came out on top. Around 45 percent of women and 42 percent of men picked this over factors such as fit and comfort.

‘The study shows that easy care uniforms have an impact at the counter and that uniformed crew seek the same characteristic that the customers do,’ said Deena Conner, senior director of Clipper. ‘This makes a serious case for investing in easy care and stain-resistant uniforms.’