Cleanliness is Key

A survey conducted for Clipper Corporation by Decision Research, Inc. about crew uniforms shows cleanliness ranking highest among factors considered important to customers of quick-service restaurants (QSR). The study was commissioned for Clipper, a leading global designer, manufacturer and distributor of supplies and uniforms to market-leading companies such as Burger King Corporation, The Home Depot, Denny’s Restaurants, Target, and Olive Garden.

"While uniforms are obviously an important extension of any restaurant's brand, this study reveals non-cost related benefits to stain-friendly and easy care crew uniforms," stated Clipper CEO and Founder Lina Hu.

The consumer side of this study entailed a random national phone survey measuring which factors of QSR crew uniforms would make a favorable impression on customers who have been to a QSR within the prior two weeks. The largest number of respondents, approximately 33% of males and 26% of female, indicated cleanliness as the most important factor. The results placed the cleanliness of the uniforms ahead of other factors including fit, style, color, and even the age-appropriateness of the design.

"It makes sense that cleanliness is important to customers in a foodservice environment," noted Hu. "This survey shows Clipper and the entire QSR industry that this importance strongly extends to crew uniforms."

An additional telephone survey was conducted of QSR employees measuring factors they deemed important to the uniforms they wear. "Easy Care / Looks Clean" ranked on top. Approximately 45% of female and 42% of male QSR employees selected this over other factors including fit and comfort.

"The study shows easy care uniforms have an impact at the counter and the uniformed crew seeks the same characteristic that the customers do," highlighted Deena Conner, Senior Director of Clipper. "This makes a serious case for investing in easy care and stain resistant uniforms."

Additional details of the study are available to current and prospective Clipper customers. The study was executed by Decision Research, Inc. which has completed over 1500 research projects for leading companies in a wide range of industries including communications, automotive, technology and foodservice.

Employees from Burger King Corporation to Denny's Restaurants wear uniforms made by Clipper, which also provides kitchen and service supplies to the industry. Clipper also clothes employees outside of the foodservice world with items ranging from Home Depot's iconic orange apron, to uniforms for UPS which built an entire marketing campaign around the color they wear.