Clipper Wins Univator Award

Best known for its Grand Slam Breakfasts, Denny's Restaurants is also making a name for itself with those who count most these days - younger customers, thanks to the brilliant uniform designs of Clipper Corporation.

Denny's wanted an updated look for their late-night-specific uniform program, one with a hip and edgy feel that matched the persona of their younger, and more fashion forward clientele. Target audience: customers in their teens to early 20s, coming in to eat after being at a concert or party.

Denny's has eagerly courted this group, engaging in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, creating a Rock Star Favorites menu, and through "adoption" on its website of popular bands like Good Charlotte, Ace Enders and Set Your Goals (over 30 readers: get your kids to explain).

Clipper seized on the music tie-in for inspiration. The company developed a graphic that utilized the retailed-motivated trend of large, oversized pixilated screen prints. They purchased the rights to a picture of a singer and crowd, and worked from there to enhance the graphic with splatter, completing the look with the Denny's All Nighter logo.

To get that edgy and one-of-a-kind color Denny's wanted, Clipper applied a special spray over the print of the garment-dyed t-shirts.

The design was an instant hit: fans talked it up on Facebook and tweeted on Twitter, and the shirts have been featured in Denny's commercials throughout the country.

Clipper Corporation is located in Carson, California and is a leading manufacturer and distributor of supplies, uniforms and coordinated accessories to the hospitality industry. Clipper's other divisions include standard and customized plastic, metal and tabletop kitchenware products.

Brand experience is what your customers remember about you. It's what leads to lasting impressions, preferences, and performance. This is what sets Clipper's work apart: customer experiences that are real, tangible, measurable and unforgettable. UNIVATOR worthy? You bet.