Clipper Wins 2nd Univator Award

Clipper wins another Univator Award, second year in a row, for Burger King Uniform design and implementation.

When the second largest hamburger chain wanted a uniform redesign for its 12,000+ restaurants over the span of 70 countries globally, they contacted their uniform supplier of over 15 years, Clipper Corporation. Their goals: To establish a uniform program that speaks to the Burger King team and consumers; adding retail-influenced touches, maintaining their unique brand voice, and delivering optimum key operational requirements. A tall order indeed!

The design elements of the new line both engage the consumer, yet stay subtle with minimal branding and identity. The concept adds color with smoky undertones, tonal branding, and large repeat logo screen-prints and embroideries to create a look which is edgy, playful and unexpected. T-shirts and a new style of hat were also added to give a fresh twist to the line offering.

Once the design concepts were finalized, Clipper started to lead the critical process of making the 2D design sketches come to life. Clipper took special care in this product development phase to keep in mind the QSR environment needs of functionality, durability, and easy maintenance. With sample garments in hand, Clipper partnered with Burger King to perform field test groups with employees across the country to showcase the new designs and conduct fit sessions. By introducing gender specific female SKU's alongside the existing unisex styles, Clipper ensured there would be a garment with a complimentary fit for everyone in the system.

Clipper has again demonstrated why it is in a class of its own when it comes to designing food service uniform programs. Their work on the Denny's Restaurant collection nabbed them a UNIVATOR last year, and we expect to see more innovations in coming years. Clipper's extensive experience allowed the Burger King design concepts to be combined with industry leading technology and food service functionality, and for that effort, we bestow a much-deserved UNIVATOR.