From left: Lina Hu, Founder & CEO Clipper Corporation, Craig Barber, Chairman of the Board, Denny's Franchise Association, Ric Quin, Director of Sales, East

Denny's Restaurant "Panniversary" Celebrated with Customer Appreciation Award

Denny's Restaurants customer loyalty was honored with an award celebrating the 10th Panniversary, marking the ten years since the restaurant chain first started using Clipper cookware in their kitchens and commemorating the over 100 million Grand Slam breakfasts created on the original pan design.

The 2011 Customer Appreciation Award was presented to Denny's Restaurants by Clipper Corporation, a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of foodservice supplies and apparel. "The Denny's Restaurant commitment to quality extends to every corner of the company and its restaurants, right down to the cookware", said Ric Quinn Clipper Corporation's Director of Sales, East.

"Denny's Restaurants challenged Clipper to create a pan that meets the demands and budgets of their high-volume kitchens while allowing them to reliably and consistently provide America with their favorite meals, just right, every time," noted Lina Hu, Founder and CEO of Clipper Corp, a company that also provides foodservice supplies and apparel to other market-leading brands such as Burger King, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Chili’s, and Jack in the Box as well as independent and small chain restaurants. "We are very honored to play a daily role in the preparation and service of iconic meals like the Grand Slam breakfast."

From left: Lina Hu, Founder & CEO Clipper Corporation, Glenn Cox, Chief Purchasing Manager, Denny's Inc., Ric Quin, Director of Sales, East

At the presentation ceremony Hu thanked Glenn Cox, Purchasing Manager for Denny's Restaurants, for the role Denny's has played in Clipper's successful history. Cox graciously replied with “You made your own history, we were just a vehicle.”

Denny's introduced the Grand Slam breakfast in 1977. It premiered in Atlanta and its name was intended as a nod to baseball great Hank Aaron. The Grand Slam has gone on to become Denny's most famous menu item and has been served over 12 million times a year.

Denny's purchased the first Clipper pan on December 1, 2001, and since has evolved the relationship into over 60 items, from back of the house steam table pans, flatware, serving trays, burger presses, pizza cutters, sugar caddy’s and oven mitts. Clipper's apparel division even designed a shirt for Denny's famous All-Nighter program in 2009 that was used in the national commercials and won Clipper a Univator Award for program design and implementation.