Clipper Corporation Food Service Product Specifications


The pressure on companies to reduce new product concept to design, to development, to manufacture, to delivery time has increased relentlessly over recent years. Using our “virtual product development” methods, Clipper has succeeded in significantly reducing product development time. We can take your idea (even drawn on a napkin) and provide detailed specifications (including exacting measurements, fabrications and materials) within hours. This capability allows you to “see” your idea before moving on to the next stage of the process.

In addition, when your products are ready for production, Clipper prepares an accurate, detailed assembly procedure and technical specification to ensure the quality and consistency of your products, no matter where they are produced.

Clipper’s optimal new product development services result in reduced operating costs, greater flexibility, responsiveness, and business agility with globally consistent repeatable standards, processes, and technology. We bring it all together for you.