Clipper Product Rapid Prototyping Services

Rapid Prototyping

Visualize, simulate, analyze. Our 3-D Prototyping capabilities enable us to design better products, faster. Once we’ve created the idea and initial specifications for your product, we have the tools to provide you with an actual prototype within a few days. No more waiting weeks or months to see and “feel” your new products.

Clipper is the first in our industry to offer this powerful design validation tool.

With this ground-breaking capability, we can accurately achieve your design vision by translating specifications, 2D sketches and photos into 3D solids that you can see, feel, and analyze. Thanks to our technology, we can even create multiple variations for you to choose from.

Before your designs reach the production floor, we can determine how well they’ll function with our fully integrated design validation process. With remarkable ease, your new product designs will reflect a painstaking level of detail. We can fully define design elements such as materials, thickness, depths, inlays and transitions between elements.

Clipper takes new product design to a whole new level.