Clipper Apparel Design Solutions


Brands matter, and never more so than today. In this escalating time of global choice and competition, brands are the most effective way of cutting through the clutter to reach people's hearts and minds.

Clipper’s team keeps abreast of trends – in lifestyle, colors, technology, design, you name it – and work to interpret global patterns and imagine possible futures. We use these insights to explore various ways we can help our customers’ brands flourish through apparel.

From imagination to implementation we make it happen. Our creative and intelligent design team has successfully created programs for many leading Fortune 500 companies.

We help you rethink the definition of a uniform. We combine brand enhancement, comfort and functionality to help refine our programs to meet our customers’ specific needs. At Clipper, we not only focus on the design, but the implementation of products that work in your specific environment.

Employee Focus
In addition to our brand focus, we also focus on the employees who represent your brand everyday. They are your front line and the living embodiment of your company.

Bringing it all Together
By combining your brand identity and vision with our expertise and proven process, we help find the precise balance between appearance, practicality and cost.