Clipper Uniforms & Apparel for Food Service

Food Service

The Food Service Industry
The Food Service Industry has its own unique set of challenges. Our experience in creating and implementing restaurant uniforms and custom apparel makes us uniquely equipped to meet the food service industry’s needs.

Brand Enhancement
Brands matter, today more than ever. In the escalating reality of choice and competition, brands are the most effective way of cutting through the clutter to reach your customer’s hearts and minds. Clipper brings a unique approach to brand enhancement. We begin by working with you to understand the essence of your brand and then use our creative and intelligent process to help communicate your unique message through apparel. Our collaborative relationship begins with a focused integration of your brand identity and moves through market research, trend analysis and final implementation.

Workplace & Food Safety
Safety is a major focus of any food service business. Clipper focuses on safety issues and has developed solutions to meet the needs of our customers. From our slip-resistant overshoes, disposable gloves and antimicrobial fabric options, we have solutions. Plus we’re continually researching and creating new ideas to help in this critical area.

Overall Value
We take our customer’s vision for their brand and uniforms and create workable, practical solutions that combine brand enhancement with the functionality that is critical in a food service environment. And we save you money in the process.