Clipper Uniforms & Apparel for the Transportation Industry


The Transportation Industry
Transportation industry uniforms should increase your employee’s confidence, promote optimal security and effectively communicate your company’s brand promise to your customers.

Brand Enhancement
Brands matter, and never more so than today. Customers evaluate your company from the moment they step up to your counter and your employees are often the first thing they see. We're here to help you make the best first impression. Our brand enhancement approach begins by working with you to understand your vision. Our collaborative relationship and focused integration of your brand identity through market research and trend analysis helps us communicate your brand message through apparel.

On those long trips or when running around a parking lot all day long, personal comfort is a critical way your employees view their job. Clipper uniforms are designed with your employees’ comfort in mind. Our high quality, durable fabric options and our unique approach to construction enable us to create apparel your employees will love to wear.

Identification & Security
Clipper understands that your customers place a lot of trust in you and you can trust us to keep that critical component in mind. From our secure ordering programs that confirm the right employee receives the right uniform to our recycling programs that specify if we should reuse or destroy your uniforms, we make sure your program is secure.

Overall Value
Clipper creates comfortable, yet durable uniform programs, finding the precise balance between appearance, security, practicality and cost. We help you provide better service to your customers by making your employees comfortable and ready to serve, while saving you money in the process. From Auto Rental Companies to Airlines to Cruise Ships, Clipper has the uniforms that will take you wherever you want to go!