Clipper Uniforms for Supermarkets


The Supermarket Industry
The image of your supermarket is a key to your success, because shoppers often select a store based on its appearance. Clipper’s experience in creating and implementing uniforms for the Supermarket industry helps us understand your unique needs.

Brand Enhancement
Brands matter, today more than ever. Customers evaluate your supermarkets from the moment they walk in and your employees are often the first thing they see. We’re here to help you make the best first impression. Our brand enhancement approach begins by working with you to understand your vision. Our collaborative relationship and focused integration of your brand identity through market research and trend analysis helps us communicate your brand message through apparel.

Cleanliness is a major focus of any Supermarket. Clipper focuses on cleanliness and has developed solutions to meet your needs. Our stain resistant and wrinkle free fabric options help your employees look their best, even after a long day’s works.

Overall Value
Clipper brings the best overall value to a Supermarket Uniform Program. We find the balance between appearance, practicality and cost to help you communicate the message you want your customers to experience.